The PMRF Scholarship for India’s best brains

As per the Union Minister “The scheme will be implemented at a total cost of Rs 1650 crore for a period of 7 years beginning 2018-19. A maximum of 3000 fellows would be selected in a three year period beginning 2018-19.”

“The scheme will go a long way in tapping the talent pool of the country for carrying out research indigenously in cutting edge science and technology domains.Research under the scheme will address our national priorities at the one hand and shortage of quality faculty in premier educational institutions of the country on the other. It will help convert brain drain into brain gain,”

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PM Research Fellowships (PMRF) will be available for students in IISERs, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institute of Technology.

This is the biggest scholarship that government has offered till date.

PMRF Scholarship will be on monthly basis as 70K to 80K. Additional 2 Lakh will be given to select scholars as research grants. The budget allocation for PMRF has already been done by the centre.

The scholarship will also take care of expenses incurred during research paper presentation and attending international conferences.

Eligibiity for PMRF Fellowship: CGPA: 8.5 or above

When will the PMRF Fellowship will be rolled out: 2018-19 academic year

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