How to Apply for PMRF Fellowship?

CaptureThis post is focussed on Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF): PMRF Fellowship Eligibility, Stipend and the fellowship selection criteria and process.

As per the Union Minister “The Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship scheme will be implemented at a total cost of Rs 1650 crore for a period of 7 years beginning 2018-19. A maximum of 3000 fellows would be selected in a three year period beginning 2018-19.”

This scheme by the Ministry of Human Resources Development is intended to attract and encourage students to pursue research in India’s premier institutions like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science). The research areas will be based on national priorities with a focus on Science and cutting-edg

“The scheme will go a long way in tapping the talent pool of the country for carrying out research indigenously in cutting-edge science and technology domains. Research under the scheme will address our national priorities at the one hand and a shortage of quality faculty in premier educational institutions of the country on the other. It will help convert the brain drain into brain gain,”

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PMRF Fellowship Eligibility:

  • PM Research Fellowships (PMRF) will be available for students in IISERs, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institute of Technology.
  • CGPA/CPI of 8.0 (in the scale of 10.0)
  • The official website of PMRF states that  “Merely satisfying the eligibility requirement does not guarantee admission. Final selection for admission of applicants will be done following a rigorous selection process.”

PMRF Fellowship Stipend:

  • PMRF Scholarship will be on monthly in the following scheme:
  1. Rs 70,000 (for first two years)
  2. Rs 75,000 (for 3rd year)
  3. Rs 80,000 (for 4th and 5th year)

PMRF Fellowship Research Grant:

  • 2 Lakh annually will be given to select scholars as research grants for academic expenses and national/ international travel.

The budget allocation for PMRF has already been done by the centre. The scholarship will also take care of expenses incurred during research paper presentation and attending international conferences.

When will PMRF Fellowship start?: 

  • PMRF Fellowship will be rolled out: 2018-19 academic year: This is the first year of the fellowship, thus students will have many doubts and queries about the fellowship. However, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has hosted a website – which gives detailed information to all aspirants.

The Fellowship Selection Process:

STEP 1: Abstract submission

  • You need to clearly articulate the area of study. The abstract in the chosen subject should demonstrate your motivation and insights.
  • The abstract must have the problem formulation for the study. On the basis of this applicant’s research and analytical skills will be assessed.
  • The chosen topic should preferably from cutting-edge technologies and Science focussing the national priorities.
  • The abstract must be applicant’s own work and it should contain formulations and other technical details.

Evaluation of the abstract will be an important element for the final selection of PMRF fellows.

It is advised that each aspirant should plan and start working on the abstract. It will require substantial research and consultation. As applicants will be from IIEST/IISc/IITs/NITs/IISERs and centrally funded IIITs,  you can take support and feedback from faculty members before making the final submission for this research fellowship.




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