Choosing a right preschool, baby care or creche (daycare) is one of the most important decision for every parents and family. It’s the first phase of child’s learning journey. Thus, you must make a best decision while choosing a preschool or play school.


Are you one of those pondering on questions like “how to choose a play school, best preschool in India” or looking for a preschool checklist?

Today there are hundreds of Preschool franchise in India, both national and international preschool chains. Also, there are ones owned by passionate edupreneurs.

With evolving Education paradigm, advancement in technology and competitive environment, it is crucial that we decide wisely and give a deep thought before finalizing one for our child. Finding a list of preschool, best or famous preschools in India won’t actually help.

Here is a checklist to choose a preschool, which if properly used, can help  you with things to consider while choosing preschool for your child:

  1. The Brand: Be it a Kidzee Preschool, Euro Kids, Bachpan, Shemford, Kangaroo Kids or any other Montessori play school, it is important to dive into their vision and mission and a quick comparison with what the are ‘actually’ doing in their classrooms. Schedule an appointment with play schools and speak to the academic head or the principal to get an accurate idea of ‘what they do and how they do’
  2. Kindergarten Curriculum (Compare): Play schools aren’t just baby care centers. They are with a purpose to help our child gain cognitive and socio-emotional skills (SEL).They must have a curriculum and a child development plan. After your initial visit to the play school that you had listed or are nearby, compare them and see which gives the maximum value to the child in terms of academics and non-academics.
  3. School Hygiene: This is often ignored. For instance, Ysgol Maes Y Mynydd school in the UK has a school hygiene policy.Most Indian schools lack any such intervention. Anyway the beautiful building infrastructure maybe clean, you must check the overall hygiene of the place, especially the washrooms. This is infact the most important point you should consider while choosing a preschool. This is because if the preschool is not clean and tidy, there is a high chance of your child getting sick every other day. Thus ask the preschool about the hygiene measures taken up by them. Additionally, check the washrooms, the floor, water supply, disinfection of washrooms, hand wash facilities among others.
  4. Safety: Does the play school have surveillance system? Are the teacher trained? Chains like Kidzee have teacher training course. If it is non-branded preschool chain, do their teachers have Montessori program certification. Ensure that the play school is near your home so that you can rush in case of any emergency. Also check the kind of toys and equipments that are installed in the classrooms – are they all child friendly and are of standard quality? Ensure that there aren’t any sharp objects or something that is toxic. As a parent you have all right to question to ensure the safety of your child at school. Here is a piece of writing on ‘What Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Safe at School’
  5. Communication: How will the school communicate with the parents and vice-versa. Preschool in India generally have 3-4 hours of school time. However, in case the play school is at a distance you might need to communicate more often especially during start of the academic session. Enquire about the contact person and numbers. Also give them alternative contact numbers which can be used in case your phone is not reachable. Many play school now have app to communicate child’s progress and work at school.

With the above checklist to choose a preschool, you should be able to narrow down to one which is the most suitable preschool for your child.


Do you think there are other aspects that are important to note? Do let us know using the comment box below and we will consider it after review and include it in out future editions of this article.

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