EdSparks: A year-long professional development program for educators

EdSparks_Collective.jpgArtSparks Foundation is a Bangalore-based educational nonprofit organization that uses visual art and design as a means to foster the development of critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, collaboration, and other essential 21st century learning and life skills in children. ArtSparks also work towards enabling teachers to reflect on their teaching practice and consider new ways to enrich their students’ learning. To learn more about our work please visit http://www.art-sparks.org/

Encouraged by the outcomes of their programmes and driven by a desire to enhance learning experiences of many more children through further empowering educators, ArtSparks Foundation is launching EdSparks Collective. EdSparks Collective is a one-of-a-kind, year-round professional development platform for educators and education administrators interested in exploring the full potential of visual arts and design to enrich student learning.

The Foundation’s carefully designed hands-on workshops and content will help deepen understanding of, and build capacity in implementing robust and rigorous visual arts and design-based learning interventions. The facilitators will lead members step-by-step as they learn the techniques that will build their knowledge in curriculum development, project-based learning, and other areas. Best practices from the field will also be shared which will help members effectively introduce these interventions in their own classrooms and beyond to facilitate deep and meaningful learning that is hands-on, experiential and inquiry-based.

Currently applications are invited from individuals associated with the field of education based in Bangalore. To register please click HERE. To know more about EdSparks Collective please visit our website.

To give a glimpse into the offerings of EdSparks Collective an Open House event is being organized on Sunday, July 16 at Shoonya (#37 Brahmananda Court, 4th Floor, Rear Wing, Lal Bagh Road, Bangalore 560027.

The Open House will run from 11:30am to 3pm on July 16th 2017. Please RSVP to info@art-sparks.org. Alternatively you can contact Shalini Suresh 9845873488/ Nisha Nair 8105090152 for more information


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