Perspectives on Learning


Michael Fullan is an well known Candian educator and former dean of OISE (Ontario  Institute of Studies in Education.

MFullan_300One of his book ‘What’s Worth Fighting for in Education?’ highlighted the pivotal role of teachers in learners well-being and learning. Strategies for teacher empowerment was also outlined in the book.

In 2012, Fullan was recognised as Officer of the Order of Canada “for his achievements in the field of education reform, as a scholar, teacher, writer and adviser to governments in Canada and abroad.”

“This book is a welcome addition to the “What’s Worth Fighting For?” series by two highly respected authors. It contains practical advice to help prepare the teaching profession for a future which is already here and in which the context for teaching and learning will shed the 19th century factory model on which our schools are based. Headteachers and their teacher colleagues will want to be at the forefront of preparing consciously for the future rather than finding themselves as passive recipients of change and this book provides a guide for that journey.”
– Rowie Shaw, NAHT

References: “Appointments to the Order of Canada”. Government of Canada. Dec 30, 2012.


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