How to Choose a Preschool in India

Every year thousands of parents in cities and towns of India walk-in and enquire for admissions into Preschool for their kids. Often it is confusing as there are dozens of branded preschools and hundreds of others.


This post guides you into choosing the best preschool for your little one.

  • Safety and Security:

This is of utmost importance, thus check with the school in details about this. Questions to ask:

  1. Do the campus have walls and secured entry and exits?
  2. Is anyone allowed to inside without permission?
  3. Are the support trained and verified?
  4. what does the school do in case of any emergency?
  5. Do the preschool have a doctors on panel/ doctor on call?
  • Curriculum and Teaching Staff

You child is coming to learn, and preschool is the first school. You child will shape this attitude and behaviour here. Thus, ask about what are the key learning milestones for the child annually?

  1. Who designed the curriculum?
  2. How will it help the child to enter the formal schooling?
  3. Do they focus on socio-emotional learning?
  4. Are the teachers have training in Early Childhood Care and Education or experience in preschool teaching.
  • Annual Cost of Education

Many schools have low fee in the beginning to attract more admissions and have add on cost at later point of time. Ask for all cost upfront, this will help you budget for your child’s education and be prepared for it.

  1. What is the total fees?
  2. Would there be any extra cost? If yes how much it would be?

Other points to consider are the cleanliness of the school, number of caretakers in the school, number of teachers in the centre.

I hope the big three points helps while you look for preschool for your child.

Happy Schooling!


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