Being the Change!

Shadab Ahmed | We, The People |

For the students of 11th standard of the Government Senior Secondary School Ghamroj – Alipur district Gurugram, the new academic year will bring new hopes and experience. As they had seen how the knowledge gained could be effectively applied in daily life they have also learned what is the difference between being a citizen and a responsible citizen.

Initially going to school was a very painful experience as the road connecting the school with the villages was broken and to add to the problem the dirty water from the drains used to deposit on the road creating a threat of life and health for students and residents of the village. The problem was noticed everyday by residents but nobody took action. It was found in the interactions by student of the school with the residents that the road was in the bad shape since 20 years and the time has added to the plight of the residents. When discussing roads some residents have lost hopes as a resultant of unnoticed complaints made by them. The situation could have been same this year also but the students decided to take some action on unnoticed problem and to travel the road less travelled. They contacted the Sarpanch with a formal application and various informal discussions. The Sarpanch cooperated and explained the process to approach the problem. Also the BDO and SDM Sohna cooperated. Ms Kusum, the teacher along with the student was immensely joyous when the sarpanch shared an undertaking that a grant of Rs 20 lakhs was being sanctioned for the maintenance of the road, and the road would be repaired soon.

Asgar and Aman are the students of the GSSS Bhondsi they share that in the next academic session the school for them will be healthier place then before as school will soon have the RO drinking water facility for the students. But the journey was not as easy as written as when initially the Sarpanch was contacted and shared the problem via written application he denied any receiving also told that budgetary constraints are the road block in getting RO installed. But students explained him how the contaminated water in the school is responsibility of the panchayat under Haryana Panchayat Act 1994. It was then the Sarpanch gave a receiving of the application and told students that the RO will be installed in both Girls and Boys school of Bhondsi.

The stories shared above are among the various success stories that were shared at ‘संविधान और हम’ event organised by SCERT Haryana. Students and teachers of government schools attended the event. S.D.M Mr Sushil Sangwan graced the event as chief guest along with SCERT director Ms Kiran Mayee and DIET principal Mr Tanwar.

SCERT Haryana in the partnership with We, The People has trained Civics teachers of 49 schools to develop informed, active and participative citizenry in the students. Vinita Singh the director of the “We, The People” shares that the holistic model helps train the Civics teachers and enhance their capacities to engage students by active participation in resolving the civic issues with the help of the constitution. The structured sessions on constitution and law focus on the practicality and need of responsible citizenry. There are many stories from these schools where the students had resolved or initiated the process of resolving the issues which otherwise would have gone unnoticed as shared by Neha – Head of North Secretariat of “We, The People”.

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